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The home of a hangout-style podcast covering the casual side of Magic the Gathering, with a focus on the Commander format.

Episode 10: Defining Casual with Dana Roach

What does “casual” mean to us? Is the idea of casual in danger from power creep?

Episode 9: Choosing what deck to play

How do Russel and I choose a deck for Commander Night? How does this change if it’s at home, the LGS, or a MagicFest? Come find out!

Episode 8: Jonathan Medina and the Commander War Chest

We’re happy to have Jonathan Medina on this week to talk about his creation, the EDH Battle Box. A great alternative EDH format that is reminiscent of Cube.

Episode 7: Kaburi joins us to talk Blue and Red

Kaburi joins us to talk their favorite color combination: Blue and Red.

Episode 6: Commander 2020 Deck Overview

Eric and Russel talk about the new Commander 2020 decks coming out with Ikoria’s release.

Episode 5: Deck Tech: Dreams of Dragonstorms

Russel builds decks a little differently than many of us. Let’s take a look at his Dreams of Dragonstorms deck.

Episode 4: Ikoria cards we like

This week, Eric and Russel take a quick look at Ikoria cards we like and the decks we might put them in, some of the mechanics and other various sundries.

Episode 3: The Commander Tier List

How can you find information in a cEDH tiered list of commanders and use it in casual play? Listen and see!

Episode 2: Lessons Learned

Join Eric and Russel this week as they go over lessons they’ve learned over time, both as players and deckbuilders.

Episode 1: Growth

In this episode, Russ and Eric talk about growth in deckbuilding, game play, and other aspects of our approaches to the game.