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The home of a hangout-style podcast covering the casual side of Magic the Gathering, with a focus on the Commander format.

Eric: @ProggyBoog
Jake: @WCPower9
Jessie: @StrictlyWorseLV

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Episode 39: Digging for Diamonds #3

Eric, Jake, and Jessie dig into Alliances, Mirage, Visions, and Weatherlight to see what gems they find.

Episode 38: Looking back at 2020

Eric, Jake, and Jessie talk about the 2020 releases, thoughts about “The Year of Commander”, and thoughts about our favorites.

Episode 37: Thanks and Transitions

Thanks for the year that’s been, and a preview of what’s to come in 2021.

Episode 36: Dragons!

Let’s talk about the most popular and one of the most versatile tribes out there: Dragons!

Episode 35: Growing up with Magic

My son comes on to describe what it’s been like growing up as a Magic player.

Episode 34: Managing Expectations

How you expect things to play out can change your reaction to what actually happens. How do you handle this?

Episode 33: Commander Legends – The Rest

This week, Jake and Eric finish up their look at the Commander Legends set by looking at the new cards that aren’t commanders. We also take a brief look at the reprints in the set, and yes, we talk about THAT artifact. We also touch a bit on color wheel theory, the future of Commander now that The Year of Commander is winding down, and more. Cassie LaBelle’s articles on

Episode 32: Commander Legends – The Legendaries

Eric and Jake talk about the legendary creatures they like in the upcoming Commander Legends MTG set.

Episode 31: Adapting to Unknown Metas

How do you adapt your decks to unknown opponents? Or do you?

Episode 30: Digging for Diamonds #2

Russel and Eric dig out some hidden gems from early sets.