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Episode 13: What we (don’t) like about Magic

Episode 13: What we (don’t) like about Magic

It would be irresponsible of us to continue producing a podcast without addressing the events of the past few weeks, how they relate to what’s going on in the world, and how we are feeling about them and the game itself.

This episode is Russel and I talking about what we don’t like about Magic, and what we do.

If you’re overstressed right now, and want to just skip to the positive stuff, 38:40 is the timestamp you’re looking for.

I want to say up front that we’re just two white guys. Our perspective is, by necessity, shaped by that. We’re constantly trying to do better, and if we spoke from a mis-informed perspective, please let us know where we slipped up and how we can improve.

Podcast (@OneManaShort) by Eric Landes (@ProggyBoog) and Russel Lee (@RogueArtificer)
Edited by Jake Travers (@WCPower9)
Music by Eric Landes

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