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Episode 26: The Orzhov with Michelle Rapp from The Loregoyfs

Episode 26: Michelle explains the Orzhov

We are very happy this week to welcome Michelle Rapp (@kilnfiendpotter) from the Loregoyfs Podcast to the show to talk about the Orzhov Syndicate. Who they are, their role on Ravnica, and how they relate to Black and White as a whole in Magic.

This episode was a blast to record, we hope you enjoy listening to it! Some topics touched upon: Shakespeare, The Expanse, The Ravnica World Cup (and how the Simic would cheat), and more. Yes, the three of us got a little silly in this one.

Where to find Michelle:
Twitter: @kilnfiendpotter
Instagram: @kilnfiendpottery
Loregoyfs Podcast: @loregoyfs
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Podcast (@OneManaShort) by Eric Landes (@ProggyBoog) and Russel Lee (@RogueArtificer)
Edited by Jake Traver (@WCPower9)
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