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Episode 8: Jonathan Medina and the Commander War Chest

Episode 8: Jonathan Medina and the Commander War Chest

This week, we’re very happy to have Jonathan Medina (@medina_mtg) join us to talk about his creation: the Commander War Chest (or, as he used to call it, the EDH Battle Box). An alternative, incredibly fun way to play Commander that lies some place between Commander and Cube (without the drafting).

Jonathan’s article series starts here: https://bit.ly/36cOtoB
Jonathan’s current War Chest build: https://cubecobra.com/cube/overview/commanderbattlebox
Jonathan’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Medina_MTG
MTG Battle Box website: https://mtgbattlebox.com/
Plane of Thrones deck listing: https://bit.ly/2LAiO7c
Eric Klug: https://twitter.com/klug_alters

Podcast (@OneManaShort) by Eric Landes (@ProggyBoog) and Russel Lee (@RogueArtificer)
Edited by Jake Travers (@WCPower9)
Music by Eric Landes

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