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Episode 9: Choosing what deck to play

Episode 9: Choosing what deck to play

Many (most? all?) of us have multiple Commander decks. When we’re taking decks out of the house to play, how do we choose what to bring? If you only have a couple of decks, how do you choose a new deck to build?

In this episode, we talk about how we choose the decks we play given where we’re playing, who we’re playing with, etc.

This is a little bit of an odd episode. We recorded it back at the end of March, just as the quarantine was fully kicking in. In a way, there’s a bit of optimism here when we’re talking about MagicFests, playing in shops, and so on. It’s really not clear when or if these will happen again.

If we had recorded this episode now, we’d also be putting in a section on building decks to play over webcam. We touch on it at the end, but it would have increased focus in a remake. Maybe that will be its own episode.

We do cover building or changing our decks for different environments, a little bit of manabase theory, and more. A good window into our approach to EDH night.

Podcast (@OneManaShort) by Eric Landes (@ProggyBoog) and Russel Lee (@RogueArtificer)
Edited by Jake Travers (@WCPower9)
Music by Eric Landes

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