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The home of a hangout-style podcast covering the casual side of Magic the Gathering, with a focus on the Commander format.

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Episode 34: Managing Expectations

How you expect things to play out can change your reaction to what actually happens. How do you handle this?

Episode 33: Commander Legends – The Rest

This week, Jake and Eric finish up their look at the Commander Legends set by looking at the new cards that aren’t commanders. We also take a brief look at the reprints in the set, and yes, we talk about THAT artifact. We also touch a bit on color wheel theory, the future of Commander now that The Year of Commander is winding down, and more. Cassie LaBelle’s articles on

Episode 32: Commander Legends – The Legendaries

Eric and Jake talk about the legendary creatures they like in the upcoming Commander Legends MTG set.

Episode 31: Adapting to Unknown Metas

How do you adapt your decks to unknown opponents? Or do you?

Episode 30: Digging for Diamonds #2

Russel and Eric dig out some hidden gems from early sets.

Episode 29: Article Analysis: The Cards you Play Don’t Matter

In an episode designed to help you improve your play, we take a look at an excellent article and discuss its content.

Episode 28: Talking Gruul with Sam from Rhystic Studies

We are very excited to welcome Sam from Rhystic Studies (@rhysticstudies) to the show to talk about a whole bunch of things. Gruul, art, fun, playstyles, Azorius music, and more. If you don’t know Sam’s YouTube channel, we HIGHLY recommend checking it out. As Eric said on the show this is some of the best Magic content out there. Where to find Sam:Twitter: @RhysticStudiesYouTube: Rhystic StudiesWeb: https://www.rhysticstudies.com/ Referenced information:Aaaargh: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/aaaargh-2006-01-30-0Rob

Episode 27: Isperia, Supreme Judge Rebuild

Rebuilding a UW Fliers deck using the deckbuilding template as a guide.

Episode 26: The Orzhov with Michelle Rapp from The Loregoyfs

Michelle Rapp joins us to talk about the Orzhov, their role on Ravnica, and the Black/White color pair as a whole.

Episode 25: Zendikar Rising

Russel and Eric talk about their favorite cards from the latest set, the mechanics, and a bit of flavor tossed in for spice.