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The home of a hangout-style podcast covering the casual side of Magic the Gathering, with a focus on the Commander format.

Eric: @ProggyBoog
Jake: @WCPower9
Jessie: @StrictlyWorseLV

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Episode 23: Fundamentals of Deck Building

How to take the deckbuilding template and use it as a guide when building or updating your decks.

Episode 22: Arcades can only be built one way, right?

There’s really only one way to build Arcades, the Strategist decks, right? Right?

Episode 21: Variants! (not variance)

There’s a bunch of different ways to play commander. Here’s some we’ve found the most entertaining/interesting.

Episode 20: Personal Signature Spellbooks with Jake Traver

Jake, Russel, and Eric talk about the cards they’d put in their Personal Signature Spellbooks

Episode 19: Maybe You Want It This Way

Do you like your games short, long, or somewhere in between? And how long is a “short” game, anyway?

Episode 18: Building with Constraints

Restrictions breed Creativity, right?

Episode 17: How we Interact with Magic

Russel and Eric talk about how they relate to the game of Magic and all that entails.

Episode 16: Building with Weakness in Mind

How do you go about mitigating weaknesses that are due to your deck’s strategy or color combination?

Episode 15: Jump Start

Russel and Eric talk about the new Jump Start set coming out soon.

Episode 14: Core Set 2021 Set Review

Our review of the latest MTG release.